Hoja Nueva is located on 60 hectares nestled in an isolated region of the Las Piedras River in the southern Peruvian Amazon. About one kilometer inland, our site is bordered on one side by a quebrada (stream) and features both floodplain and terra firme forest. Six hectares of our land is going to be used for sustainable cacao production alongside other crops, reforestation plots, and fruiting forests. The remaining 54 hectares consist of beautiful, intact rainforest we plan to conserve and study for years to come!

The Piedras region is the second largest extent of tropical rainforest in the Amazon, and although it is part of the Andes biodiversity hotspot, it is completely unprotected. Hoja Nueva land is at the northern extent of human activity- on the border of farmland and pristine rainforest. We have the opportunity and obligation to work with existing and colonizing communities to establish more sustainable development and agriculture practices that increase standards of living while concurrently maintaining healthy forests. Without this research and implementation, the Piedras and its wildlife will succumb to devastating agricultural practices, illegal logging and hunting in ten years or less.

For some of the latest updates about the threats this region faces, see high-resolution maps created by the MAAP Project that uses GLAD alerts to monitor deforestation. According to an assessment by the Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP), and an article recently published by Mongabay, this area along the lower Las Piedras River near the community of Lucerna has experienced a “sharp increase” in deforestation starting in 2012. The vast majority of this deforestation is for unsustainable cacao production.

Las Piedras

Lucerna & RioPiedras

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