Become a Sponsor

Sponsor an Employee

Our projects aren’t possible without the people behind them
  • U.S. Executive Director – $3,000/month
  • Peru Executive Director – $1,500/month
  • Agroforestry Specialist – $500/month
  • Forest Ranger – $500/month
  • Cocoa Center Employee 1 $300/month
  • Cocoa Center Employee 2 $300/month
  • Outreach and Events Director $500/month

Sponsor an Event

  • Sponsor our second annual rainforest gala + fashion show
  • Sponsor our third annual luncheon
  • Sponsor equipment we are in need of
  • Donate auction items for our events
    • art, clothing, tickets, collections, gift cards, jewelry, etc.
  • Donate services for our events
    • catering, food, wine/alcohol, lighting, photography, etc.
  • See here for info about our company partnerships

Sponsor Benefits

  • Tickets to our luncheon, rainforest gala, and fashion show events!
    • Gala/show tickets valued at $250
  • Stage announcements at fundraising events
  • Social media, newsletter, and event shout-outs
  • Logo/website link on our partner page
  • Complimentary visits/workshops at our 5 star eco-lodge
  • Offset your carbon footprint
    • by helping us to protect over 15,000 acres of frontier rainforest
  • Tax deductible donations wherever applicable
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