Ongoing Research

Our ongoing research efforts in the Piedras region provide us with the knowledge and background to successfully implement sustainability and community development projects.

We have been surveying the biodiversity of this wild, lush region (both flora and fauna) and plan to increase and improve our monitoring efforts in 2017. We are establishing a variety of other ongoing research projects to begin this coming wet season in Peru!

See below for a full list and refer to our page to “get involved”!

  • Soil and water sampling
  • Slow sand filtration, grey water recycling, and rainwater collection efficiency
  • Implementation of composting toilets for community waste
  • The effects of community compost on crop growth and soil longevity
  • The effects of biochar on crop growth and soil longevity
  • Local mushroom and bird surveys
  • Spore dispersal of mycorrhizal fungi by peccaries
  • Camera trapping of terrestrial and semi-aquatic mammals
  • Monitoring the effects of land use changes on cats
  • Activity patterns, home range, and dispersal of cats
  • Density of jaguar (Panthera onca) and ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)

Below you will find some of our favorite camera trap photos of local wildlife taken by Samantha Zwicker.

Her research will form a baseline for the regional conservation of threatened species, particularly cats, which is invaluable for the long term monitoring of mammal abundance and diversity. By evaluating the influence of land use activities on mammals in the Piedras, and estimating population densities, conservation policies could be improved, including using the results to delineate protected areas and wildlife corridors that would better protect local populations by allowing dispersal, gene flow, and protection from hunting.

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