Intern or Volunteer

At Hoja Nueva we offer internships and volunteer opportunities in many forms. Internships differ from volunteer opportunities — usually they involve pursuing an individual’s own project or goals for school, work, or personal reasons, while being a volunteer involves serving the community and/or Hoja Nueva with ongoing projects and being more independent. We are here to offer full accommodations at our research station for our interns, and provide the expertise needed to see individual projects through. Please refer to our independent research page if you have more training and to see if you’re better classified as an independent researcher.

One option is a customized internship designed for the intern. We provide all food and accommodations, transportation, expert/guides, and facilitate intern projects. This fluctuates based on each individual project, as some require more staff and resources than others. Contact us for current daily/monthly rates, which decrease with a longer length of stay.

Hoja Nueva also offers the opportunity for individuals to visit and help with ongoing research projects. In addition to providing a research base for scientists and a 5-star eco-lodge retreat for tourists, Hoja Nueva has a variety of continuing research projects where help in the field is always needed. Ongoing research projects are usually in the fields of wildlife conservation, restoration, reforestation, water and soil sampling, agroforestry, and community development. However, volunteers will not be expected to complete their own independent research. You can participate for a variable amount of time, and receive a lower cost of stay because of the services you are offering to our organization. Volunteers should request their time of stay in advance to inquire about existing projects we are working on.

The Hoja Nueva research center was built 1km inland from the Piedras River. We are nestled next to an idyllic stream and only 300 meters from our 2 experimental cacao plots. We welcome volunteers, researchers, tourists, and interns to stay in spacious shared rooms each with a maximum capacity of 6 people per room. Larger, single rooms are offered at a higher price to those who prefer a more private living experience.* Our Center has two common areas to relax and lounge in hammocks and on couches during the day, spaces that are ideal for reading and writing during off times. Amenities include 4 showers with changing rooms, sinks, and mirrors and two composting toilets reside a short minute-long walk from the showers.
• Four shared bedrooms with 2- 6 people per room*
• Showers with changing stations, sinks, and mirrors
• Composting toilets
• Electricity each evening for cooking and charging devices (solar powered)
• No wifi or phone service at the Center or nearby towns, just in Puerto

Included Services:
• Room in Puerto Maldonado, first day breakfast, lunch, and dinner
• Room and board at our newly constructed Center of Collaboration
• Transportation to and from our Center
• Three meals per days plus snacks and fruits
• 2-4 full time staff members
• First aid kit
• CPR/Wilderness First Aid/First Responder Trained staff
• Emergency Evacuation Procedures + Evac devices
• Venomous snake bite protocols

Services Not Included (Available Upon Request in Advance):
• Flights to/from Puerto Maldonado
• Private personal guide/field assistant
• Food and activities whilst in Puerto Maldonado
• Professional chef service
• Meals are made by staff and interns in group settings, not always by professional chefs. This creates opportunity to discuss projects, brainstorm ideas with other interns, and immerse in culture through food
• Visits to other tourist lodges/destinations

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